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How to Play a Nose Flute

Kids can learn to play the nose flute.
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If you want to play a musical instrument quickly without having any previous experience, the nose flute may be the instrument for you. Nose flutes are small, plastic instruments that employ air flow from your nasal passages to create musical pitches. The shape of your mouth contributes to the formation of the musical pitches as well. Playing the nose flute is an extremely simple talent to learn once you use the proper technique.

Hold the nose flute with the smaller end up and the larger end down. The indentations in the instrument should be pointing outward (away from you).

Press the smaller end against your nose and the larger end of the nose against your mouth. Keep your mouth open slightly, and press the instrument against your nose firmly enough to form a seal.

Breathe out through your nose only. Raise the back of your tongue slightly as you exhale through your nose to keep air from exiting your mouth as well.

Change the shape of your mouth as you exhale to vary the pitch.

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