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How to Pick Up Girls at a Concert

Concerts are opportunities to meet someone with a shared interest.
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Concerts can be harder places to pick up girls than bars or clubs because the atmosphere is more focused on the entertainment than the crowd. Also, concertgoers generally go with friends, intending just to watch the band. However, a concert also offers a sure-fire subject on which to strike up conversation and meet people with shared interests. As long as all of this is kept in mind, a concert can be a great opportunity to meet new people and pick up girls.

Arrive early and strike up conversation immediately. Anyone who has paid money to see a band is unlikely to welcome being approached during the show, so get there early. The line before the concert is a common place to meet people.

Talk to the group. Most people go to concerts in a group, or at least with a friend. Don't attempt to tear a girl away from her friends, try to engage with them all. It might be possible to join in with after-show plans.

Use the music as an ice breaker. A concert is a ready made subject to talk about, so there's no need for one-liners or sleazy chat up lines on the group of girls. Just ask what song they hope to hear tonight, or if this is their first time seeing the band.

Bring your friends into the fold. If you are at a concert talking to new people, get them to mix with your friends. Being sociable is not going to put anyone off, but acting like a lone wolf with an agenda to pick up a girl might push people away.

Talk between bands and songs. Even after you have met someone and struck up conversation, trying to talk during the show is not only annoying, it will likely confuse communication because the music is so loud. Don't try and compete with the music for attention.

Invite new friends to do something after the show. Have something in mind to do, whether it is a nearby bar to go to or good local hangout spot. If things are going well with the girl, invite her first and ask if she wants to invite her friends. This will offer some indication of how keen she is. If she does want to invite them, involve your friends,too.

Be yourself. Pick up lines may be funny or get you the desired outcome of spending some time with a girl, or they could completely turn a girl off. Try not to play a role and just present yourself as comfortable in your own skin, suggests writer of the Wing Girl Method, Marni Kinrys. You will be able to pick up the girl who accepts you for who you are.

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