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How to Dance Like Elvis Presley

Dance Like Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is one of the most impersonated celebrities, but there's more to it than just curling your lip and saying, "Thank you very much." The King of Rock n' Roll was also well known for his signature, hip-shaking dance moves that offended suburban housewives and made teenage girls scream in the fifties. To dance like Elvis, you'll need to feel the rhythm in your pelvis.

Gyrate your hips. Bend your knees slightly and move your hips around in a circular motion. Accentuate your movements with timed thrusts. Elvis' notorious hip movements are his signature moves and at the heart of any Elvis-related dance performance.

Move your legs with your hip movements. Spread your feet apart and move your thighs in together and then apart with your hip thrusts. Keep your legs loose so that they move in a flowing motion.

Incorporate arm movements into your dance when you feel it's appropriate. Hold your arms up and snap your fingers to the beat of the music, or swing your arms around in time with the music and your hip and leg movements.

Maintain your balance. Elvis' unique ability to keep his balance while moving his lower body in different directions is what made him such a good dancer. To dance like Elvis, you'll need to be able to hold balance well.

Practice playing the guitar while doing to Elvis dance moves with your hips and legs. Elvis often played the guitar and showed off his signature dance moves simultaneously while performing.

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