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How to Dress Like Jimi Hendrix

Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix influenced a generation with his music, his politics and his personal style. An icon of the hippie movement, Jimi Hendrix is forever associated with Woodstock, guitars, the peace sign and of course, his cool clothing.

Flip up your collar and button down your shirt. Jimi Hendrix almost always wore his collar flipped up and his shirt buttoned-down, which revealed his chest and the medallions around his neck.

Wear military-inspired clothing. Jimi wore genuine vintage military jackets purchased from vintage clothing stores, accented with tassels, gold buttons and epaulettes. He was also once ordered by British police to remove a Royal Veterinary Corps dress jacket, who stated it was an offense to the men who wore the uniform.

Accessorize with medallions, headbands and hats. Jimi often wore a large, circular medallion around his neck; headbands in bright colors such as pink and yellow; and wide-brimmed, Western-style hats. In 1968, Jimi also started a trend when he began tying scarves around one leg and one arm.

Layer a vest over a long-sleeved shirt. Jimi kept his silhouette long and loose with vests draped over flowing silk shirts in psychedelic patterns.

Step out in flare. Whether he wore bell-bottom jeans or boot-cut leather pants, Jimi always had pants that flared at the ankle.

Stay on the fringes of fashion with your clothing. Jimi often wore jackets, pants and vests adorned with fringes.

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