How to Meet Robert Pattinson

He is EDWARD CULLEN!!!! Teenage girls and cougars alike go CRAZY for him!!! This world is full of women who are self-proclaimed Robert Pattinson stalkers. This awesome character was created by Stephanie Meyers. It's pretty much impossible to meet him but here's some ways to help improve your chances of meeting this twilight star.

Move to LA and get a career in the movie business. I actually spoke with someone whose mother was a make-up artist on the set of Twilight. As a makeup artist you get the responsibility of touching the cast's faces and making them look good. What girl wouldn't want to be that close to Robert?????

You can also move to Vancouver where they will be filming. Although its too late to sign up to be an extra on the set of Eclipse, I believe its not too late to become an extra for Breaking Dawn. Being an extra will enable you to catch a glimpse of Robert and his cast. However, if you want to be an extra, you have to actually live in the place where they are filming.

You can also become an online news reporter. If you are legitimate, you can contact Twilight officials to allow you on the set to interview the cast and maybe Rob.... :D

He may be starting on a mall tour across America to promote New Moon. Keep a look out in the news to see if he may be coming to your town. You wouldn't want to miss THAT opportunity!!!!

Visit L.A. If you see a clunky, broken down 1989 black convertible BMW driving around then it is probably Robert's car.

Write a letter to him through his talent agency addressed: United Kingdom: Robert Pattinson, c/o Curtis Brown Group Ltd, Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4SP, United Kingdom.

He likes to perform on open mike nights in relatively unknown places and bars in England and L.A. If you're really good at finding information, then you can find out when and where he will be performing.

If you do meet him, DO NOT scream in his face! It is just tacky and rude. Make sure he isn't busy if you want to ask him for his autograph. Do not take pictures if he is with his family or eating in a restaurant. Everyone needs respect and privacy no matter how good-looking they are!



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