How to Make Your Own Word Art

Word art is a word processing tool that can be used in many projects. It is a beautiful way to pull together a scrapbooking page for digital scrapbooking, or to create an invitation or card on paper. While much of it is trial and error, there are several steps to get started.

Making Word Art

The first step to making word art is to have a software program that has several different fonts and designs. While Microsoft Word will work, there are also many free software choices you can find for making word art.

Once you have your program open, you will need to choose the Word Art format. In Word software, to get to its WordArt option, go to the "Insert" menu, then choose "Picture," then "WordArt." Once you have chosen the WordArt tool, choose the design you want. Then the screen will show a text box. Choose the font and type size you want from the pulldown menu. In this example, type in the letter "L" and choose any font in a point size larger than 24. That letter will appear in the style you chose.

Now you will need to go back and choose "WordArt" again. A new text box will appear. Type in "ove" and pick a font and a size smaller than 16-point. These letters will appear in the style and size you chose.

Double clicking on the "ove" box will allow you to move it with your mouse. Move it towards the "L" in a position that you like. You have just created word art for "Love." You can now use the same steps to add a poem or create a sentence. You can play with font colors, shading, or other tools that your software provides to create your own word art embellishments.

Finally, save your creation to your computer so that you can use it when you are ready. You will be able to open it into your scrapbooking page or print it out as needed.


  • Designing word art on a computer involves a lot of trial and error, moving around items and playing with tools. Do not be afraid to try new things. The more text boxes you use, the more elaborate and original your designs will be.