How to Make Your Own Wooden Snow Ski Rack

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Things You'll Need

  • Lumber
  • Wooden dowels
  • Electric drill and bit
  • Wood glue
  • Screws and fasteners

If you're like most people, your garage is probably already cluttered enough without worrying about where to store skis. Leaning skis in a corner isn't bad if you just have one set of skis, but dealing with multiple skis in a skiing-enthusiast family quickly gets a lot more difficult. Here are instructions on how to build a simple, wooden, wall-mounted snow ski rack that just about anyone can make with a few power tools.

Start with a flat piece of lumber about five feet in length and six to eight inches wide. When mounted horizontally against a wall, this will serve as our wall mount. Mark off a center line for hanging each set of skis about 10 inches apart. Now draw a horizontal line about two to three inches below the top of the mounting board.

Where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect, install a set of 3/4 inch pegs about six inches in length. When installed, the pegs should form a slot about one to two inches apart to hold the skis; check the width against the actual skis you plan to hang. Using a 3/4 inch wood bit and an electric drill, drill holes for the pegs and glue them in place with carpenters wood glue.

For each set of pegs to hang the skis, install a single peg to hang the ski poles. Place this peg underneath and to one side of each set of installed pegs.

Mount the backboard to the wall of your storage unit. Make sure you hang the backboard high enough on the wall to accommodate hanging skis, poles and the boots you will place on the floor underneath. Typically, the backboard will be mounted to the studs using wood screws and a stud finder.


  • Finish your wooden snow ski rack by varnishing or painting it.


  • (Use oil based paint to avoid damaging wet skis.)