How to Make Your Own Rose Origami

Things You'll Need

  • Colorful Papers
  • Scissors

There is more to Origami than simply a hobby. With paper, you could create artworks that symbolize different things. The paper rose, for one, represents everlasting beauty. A rose origami could be given to someone you would want to impress or a crush that you intend to win over. There are several ways to make a rose origami but one of the most popular is Toshikazu Kawasaki's instructions. With the instructions below, you would learn how to make your own rose origami.

Get colorful papers and cut it into perfect squares.

Put the colorful side of the paper towards you and fold it in half.

Open the paper up.

Draw a black line on the back crease.

Repeat the last two actions and divide the square into four equal parts.

Fold the paper diagonally in both sides.

Fold the paper again in half.

Fold the lower half portion of the paper three times.

Rotate it to 90 degrees.

Repeat the last two steps.

Draw green lines on the marks created by the last three steps.

Fold both the black and red lines upwards on each corner.

Fold the green lines inwards.

Press the horizontal and vertical parts down to make the middle section of the paper stand out.

Press the four corners of the middle area down to flatten the square.

Round up the four sides and fold the rose petals one by one.


  • Improve the look of your rose origami by making it more colorful. Roses have a variety of colors so you need not stick only to red. Add extra touches by putting a stem to the rose and a leaf or thorns on its side.