How to Make Your Own Prince Costume

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Adopt a royal flair for the next costume party you attend by dressing as a prince. By mixing and matching a few regal accents with basic pieces of clothing, you'll be able to make your own prince costume without spending a lot of money.

Things You'll Need

  • Tunic Or Puffy Shirt
  • Slacks, Pantaloons Or Tights
  • Scepter
  • Wide Belt
  • Long Jacket Or Cape
  • Black Shoes Or Boots
  • Crown

Select the color scheme before you make the prince costume. Princes wear many colors such as all black, purple or the Disney Prince Charming-inspired off-white and red. You can mix and match by pairing a red or white shirt with black pants and a navy blue cape.

Pick puffy, knee-length pantaloons, slim trousers that you can tuck into boots or dress slacks in black, navy or deep red. If you're adventurous, you can wear a pair of tights or crushed velvet leggings in lieu of slacks.

Wear a long tunic that complements your pants. If you make your own prince costume with a cape on top, you can simply wear a long T-shirt as a tunic. For a more formal look to your prince costume, opt for a white shirt with a ruffle in front to wear with a short, fitted jacket or choose a long, double-breasted jacket with metallic buttons and accents.

Accentuate your tunic or long jacket with a wide belt. Wear either black to match your shoes or gold or silver to match your crown if you'll be wearing one.

Choose either long black boots to pull up over slim pants or tights or pair black dress shoes with long white socks that you can pull up if you're wearing knee-length pantaloons. If you're wearing slacks with your prince costume, a pair of shiny black dress shoes will do.

Add a cape to the prince costume. If you've decided to wear a long or short jacket over your shirt, you can omit the cape.

Complete the prince costume by wearing a jeweled gold or silver crown and wielding a regal-looking scepter.