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How to Make Your Own Movie Theme Song

The right movie theme song can greatly help a movie.
old music in sepia image by Sergej Razvodovskij from Fotolia.com

Making our own movie theme song can be a very fun and fulfilling project. Movies require a theme song that captures the tone and energy of the film, so creating that song can be a long and difficult road. But once the song is finished, it can make the movie even stronger.

Watch the movie repeatedly. Understanding what the movie is about. The mood, tone, and characters are all important in creating the perfect theme song.

Take notes on key elements of the movie. Is it an action movie? If so, you may decide that an up-tempo song with lots of horns is ideal. A romance? Something slow and sultry might do the trick. Is the movie uplifting or depressing? All these elements will help you make the final choices for your song.

Make preliminary song decisions. Deciding whether the song will have lyrics should be done here, after you understand the movie. You should also decide on the genre, style, tempo, and instruments you want.

Write the song. You can do this by writing lyrics and notes on paper, playing the instrument into a recorder, or using music mixing software.

Record the song. The final version of the song needs to be the highest quality possible. Find musicians to play the song for the recording, or you can do it all yourself with the help of software.

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