How to Make Your Own Locking Jewelry Display Case

Things You'll Need

  • Two wooden picture frames that are the same size
  • Two metal hinges and screws
  • Screwdriver or small power drill
  • One locking box lid latch
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric
  • Cotton batting
  • Epoxy glue, such as Gorilla Brand Glue
  • Hot glue gun and glue

A locking jewelry display case can be used to protect your products at fairs and markets or to keep your jewelry safe when displayed in your home. Making your own display case will give you much more choice in size and design than purchasing one made by someone else. This article will explain how to make your own locking jewelry display case.

How to Make Your Own Locking Jewelry Display Case

Select two picture frames that are the same size. These will make the body of your display case. Remove the cardboard backings from the frame and clean the glass thoroughly. Following the instructions on the bottle of epoxy glue, adhere the glass into the frames, then allow to dry.

Once the glue has dried, place the frames on top of each another with the glass on the bottom and top. On the longest side of the bottom frame, measure 3 inches from the edge and mark with your pencil. Do the same from the other edge, then repeat on the top frame.

Now, take your hinges and the screws that came with them. Most hinges require two screws each. Start on the bottom frame. Use your drill or screwdriver to attach the first hinge, then the second. Place the other picture frame on top of the bottom frame. Make sure they are flush. Screw the hinges into the top frame.

Using your ruler, find the center of your jewelry case on the edge opposite where the hinges are. Mark it with your pencil. The locking box lid latch will come with a key. Use the key to unlock the latch before attaching it. You will now have two pieces that make up your lock. Use the hardware that came with the lock, and attach it to your frames. Make sure it will line up and latch when closed.

Now you will need to make the insert for the inside of the case. On the insert is where you will attach your jewelry. Take a piece of cardboard and cut it to fit inside the bottom of the case. You can also use the cardboard you removed from the picture frame. Cut your cotton batting to fit the top of the cardboard and glue it in place with the hot glue gun. If the batting is thin, you may want to attach several layers. Then, take a length of fabric and wrap the cardboard as you would a present, with the side with the batting as the top. Glue the fabric in place and then set the wrapped cardboard into the bottom of your jewelry display case.


  • You may want to drill your holes for the lock and hinges before attaching your glass to prevent damage to the glass. Before constructing your jewelry display case, you can paint the frames a different color if you wish. Don't paint it after attaching the hardware, as you might get paint on them. Black fabric works best for displaying jewelry. You can use straight pins to attach your jewelry to the batting-covered cardboard, or you can wrap ribbon around it to attach your jewelry to.


  • Make sure to follow safety precautions and wear goggles when using power tools. Measure twice, cut once!