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How to Make Your Own Banana Hanger

Banana hangers are small devices that are used to hang a bunch of bananas from a hook. The hanger will keep bananas fresher for a longer period of time, and it will prevent the bruises and discoloration that bananas often develop when they are laid out on a countertop. Because bananas grow upright on a banana tree, the fruit will ripen naturally on a banana hanger. Hanging bananas maximizes airflow, which causes the fruit to ripen more slowly and extends the life of your bananas.

Things You'll Need:

  • 1.5-Foot Segment Of Curved Wood
  • 6-By-6 Inch Wood Block
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint
  • Screw Hook

Purchase a plank of curved wood from your local hardware store. The degree of the curve does not matter, but the greater the curve, the more bananas your hanger can hold. Try to find a curved-wood section that is tapered on one end. You will also need to purchase a 6-by-6 inch wood block that is about an inch thick.

Cut the plank of curved wood to approximately 1.5 feet, or ask the hardware store to do this for you.

Sand down the wood sections if they are not already properly finished.

Paint the wood using a color of your preference. If your plank is appropriately shaped, you could even paint the wood to look like a banana. After the paint has dried, apply another coat of paint if necessary.

Affix the flat edge of your curved plank to the center of the wood block with wood glue. The curved plank should be perpendicular to the wood block. Due to the varying sizes, shapes and weights of wood available for purchase, you may need to reposition the curved plank on the base to keep the unit properly balanced.

Screw the hook into the underside of the top of the wood plank so that the hook extends downward. The hook should open out and away from the curved wood segment.

Hang a bunch of bananas from the hook.


To make sure that the hanger will be balanced, press down on your banana hanger at the point where the fruit will be hung at every step in the process. If the hanger is not stable, position the curved segment further back on the base so that the bananas hang over the unit's center of gravity.

Although your banana hanger is designed to display bananas on a countertop, bananas will last even longer if they are hung in the refrigerator.


  • Let the paint and glue dry for 24 hours before hanging the bananas. If your banana hanger is not totally dry, you may get glue or paint on your bananas.
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