How to Make Words From Wire

Make Words From Wire

Craft wire is great for shaping into various designs and for making various projects like ornaments, brooches or wall hangings. Make words from wire in very little time. Writing the word you want first on a piece of paper makes it easy to shape the wire how you want it to look. Add beads to further decorate and hang using a pretty piece of ribbon if you like or connecting two long ends of wire together.

Make Words From Wire

Things You'll Need

  • 16 Gauge Wire
  • Fine Tipped Marker
  • Paper
  • Optional - Beads

Write the word you want to make out of the wire onto the piece of paper. Cursive works best when forming words from wire. Make sure each letter is connected.

Shape the wire over the letters you drew on the paper. Leave a 1 inch tail at the beginning and end of the word, curling slightly to add a more decorative touch. Leave approximately a 6 inch tail at the beginning and end of the word if making a hanging decoration.

Add beads if desired. Slip a bead onto the wire as you are shaping the letter and hold in place by twistng the wire slightly on each side of the bead to hold it in place. Place a drop of glue inside the bead to further hold in place.

Make a hanging decoration by bringing the two 6 inch tails up together over the word. Twist together and hang from this loop.


  • Experiment with different size gauges of wire to find the one that bends and shapes the easiest. You can try a 24 or 26 gauge wire for a more delicate ornament. The smaller the gauge the thinner the wire.