How to Make Wire Rings

A spiral ring

Wire is a wonderful tool for making jewelry. It's inexpensive and easy to bend into any shape you want. Making this ring requires only a couple of tools and some simple handiwork. Its spiral shape is almost hypnotic, making it a winner as a gift or something to wear yourself.



12 gauge craft (or floral) wire is larger in circumference than the lower number gauge wires. Despite its thickness, the aluminum core makes it quite easy to bend. It is sold in 5 yard looped quantities in a variety of colors.

Measure and cut

Measure and cut 2 feet of 12 gauge aluminum wire with your wire cutters.

Finish off the short end

Bend the ring around your round object four times. Leave a 1 inch tail on the back side of the band. Leave the other end long on the front of the band. It will measure about 8 inches, although the exact measurement depends on the ring size.

Form a small spiral

Wrap the end of the wire with a piece of cloth to protect it from getting scratched by the rough pliers. Grab the short tail of your wire and twist it down into a circle looping toward the wrapped ring.

Form a large spiral

Take the long end of the wire and twist it in a second spiral. This loop must start with a very tight crimped bend at first, then a looser loop, circling around the initial crimp parallel many times until there is no excess wire. This spiral should fall on the opposite side of the other one, on the front of the band.


Wire bends easily and can accidentally get kinks where there should be a curve. Bending it around a round object helps to make the circles perfectly round for the band. The spiral is another concentric shape but this must be created free-form to get the circles to sit next to one another. Go slow when making these circles, a kink takes time to correct, and sometimes is very hard to get rid of.


12 gauge craft (or floral) wire is not to be confused with 12 gauge steel wire which is sold at the hardware store. You need heavy duty tools to bend steel wire making it unsuitable for this project.

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