How to Make Wedding Place Cards

How to Make Wedding Place Cards. Wedding expenses really add up. When at all possible, you can make your own wedding decorations and other items in order to save money in your wedding budget. Instead of buying expensive wedding place cards and place holders at a stationery or specialty shop, make your own. Making wedding place cards is very simple.

Purchase thick paper or cardstock in your wedding colors from to print your place cards.

Visit to download place card templates. In the search box on the opening page of the website, type "Templates" to locate the templates page. On the results page, click "Templates" to go to a list of different types of printing templates.

Scroll down to the Place Card Template for Microsoft Word and click on the link to download. Download and save the template file to your computer.

Create your place cards using the template in Microsoft Word. Most place cards just have the first and last name of the guest on them. Load your printer with the proper paper or cardstock.

Print the place cards and cut them out as indicated.

Use a hole punch to make a small hole in the upper left hand corner of each place card.

String a white ribbon through the hole. Tie the ribbon around the napkin holding each set of silverware. Place the wrapped silverware on each plate positioning the card to face outward.


  • If you are not wrapping your silverware in the napkin, do not punch a hole in the card an instead use the fork itself as the place card holder by inserting the card in between the tines of the fork.

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