How to Make Weatherproof Labels

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Things You'll Need

  • Inkjet or laser printer
  • Word-processing software
  • Printer paper
  • Vinyl or polyester label sheet

Labeling items in your home such as spice jars, file folders, or bins and boxes is a great way to stay organized and keep your belongings in check. Although normal printable labels work well for indoor use, their ink will run and the label will be destroyed if it comes in contact with water. If you plan to use your labels outdoors, use weatherproof labels made out of vinyl or polyester.

Select the appropriate type of label for the printer you own. Because inkjet and laser printers both distribute ink differently when printing, you must buy the appropriate label type for your printer. Use polyester labels if you have a laser printer and vinyl labels if you have an inkjet printer.

Open your word-processing document and type out the information you want printed on each weatherproof label. Most word-processing programs have templates for labels to make this job easier.

Insert a regular sheet of paper into your printer and print it out. Hold the paper against your labels to make sure that the spacing is correct and the words don’t overlap onto other labels. Also make sure you spell-check everything before you print onto your more expensive label sheets.

Insert the vinyl or polyester label sheet into your printer and print out your labels. When the ink hits the material, it will embed itself into the label and become weatherproof.


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