How to Make Wall Scrolls

Fabric can form the main part of a wall scroll.
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Wall scrolls provide a way to display artwork that’s different from a traditional framing method. Creating your own wall scrolls gives you a customized way to decorate a space. Homemade wall scrolls may also be useful as props in a play or as temporary classroom decorations. Regardless of use, you can use the same basic method for scroll creation.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric Or Paper Glue
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Images, Optional
  • Wooden Dowels
  • Paintbrushes, Optional
  • Paints, Optional
  • Glue, Optional
  • Knobs
  • Paper Or Fabric
  • Ribbon Or Rope

Cut a piece of paper or fabric to the specific length you desire in your wall scrolls. Use thick paper for sturdier scrolls. Any type of fabric is usable. Scrolls tend to be longer than they are wide, so keep this in mind when cutting.

Measure the width of the paper or fabric. Add two to three inches to this number. Cut two wooden dowels to the length of the number. The added inches allow for adornments to the ends of the dowels. Base the thickness of the dowel upon the length of the scroll, using thicker ones for longer scrolls.

Form a pouch for the dowels on the top and bottom of the piece of paper or fabric. Take one dowel and fold the end of the material over it. Allow for some movement of the dowel when creating the pouch. Glue the folded-over piece of paper or fabric into place with the dowel inside. Sewing the pouch for the dowel is an alternative when using fabric. Repeat this process for the bottom of the scroll.

Add knobs to the end of each dowel. Potential knobs include the ends of old curtain rods, door knobs for larger scrolls and cabinet knobs for smaller scrolls. Attach the knobs to each end of the dowels. Use matching ones for continuity.

Decorate the wall scroll paper or fabric in the method of your choosing, either attaching a picture with glue or creating your own artwork directly on the surface.

Use ribbon or thin rope to create a hanger. Cut the ribbon or rope and tie each end in a knot around the dowel next to the knobs. Hammer a nail into the wall and hang the scroll in place.