How to Make the Wings on a Dragon Costume

Add dragon wings to your dragon costume.
close dragon image by Paul Moore from

Make your dragon stand out by adding dragon wings. These wings can be big or small depending on the size child. Match the color of the wings to the costume or use neutral black or white. Creating your own dragon wings takes a little extra time but will make your child’s dragon costume distinctive.

Things You'll Need

  • Large Paper
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Elastic Band
  • Tulle, Black Or White
  • Duct Tape (Color Of Wings)
  • Glue Gun
  • Flexible Steel Wire
  • Pen

Draw a dragon wing template on butcher paper. Make the wing the exact size and shape of the final wings. Dragon wings look similar to bat wings.

Mold the wire around the lines of the wing template. Start the wire where the wing attaches to the body. Work the wire all the way around the wing, conforming to the various points and curves of the template. When the wire reaches the body, fold it up to meet the start wire. Repeat with another wire for the second wing.

Use duct tape to connect the start of the wire to the end of wire. Wrap the duct tape around the connection then continue wrapping duct tape around the entire wire. Repeat the process on the second wing.

Connect the two wings together with duct tape. Use pieces of duct tape about four inches long. The connector tape will lie flat on the back with the two wings coming off the back. Attach one end of the tape to the portion of the wire that lays flat against the body. Leave three to four inches of tape free, then attach the other end of the tape to the second wing. Place a piece of tape on the glue side of the first tape to prevent it from gluing to the body. Repeat with two more straps.

Attach the template to the tulle. Cut the tulle to the template. Remove the paper.

Use the hot glue gun to attach the wire to the tulle. Carefully place the glue along the wire. Place the tulle on top of the glue. Use a metal spoon or other tool to press the tulle to the wire. Do not use your fingers. The glue is very hot and can burn you. Repeat the process for the second wing.

Cut a small hole through the back duct tape strap into the upper right corner the wing wire. Cut another hole into the lower right corner. Repeat on the left side of the duct tape strap.

Work a 12-inch piece of elastic band through the upper right hole. Tie a knot at the end of the elastic band on the outside of the tape. This will become the right strap to fit around the child’s shoulder like a backpack strap. Thread the other end through the lower right hole and make a knot. Repeat on the left side. Adjust the straps so that the wings fit snug on the child’s back.