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How to Make Tall Artificial Flower Arrangements

Tall, simple silk flower arrangements are striking.
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Things You'll Need:

  • Vase
  • Sand, pebbles, marbles
  • Dry floral foam
  • Long-stemmed silk flowers
  • Wire clippers


  • Avoid removing and re-inserting flower stems into the foam. This will degrade the foam and it will not support the stems as well.

Tall silk flower arrangements are striking when placed on buffets, formal entryways and corner tables with the advantage of incorporating realistic blooms, everlasting. As a focal point in a room, tall arrangements will accent the color scheme and the overall style. Whether your tall arrangement is tall with open space or dense with filler flowers it should have a triangular structure for easy assemblage.

Fill the bottom of the vase 1/3 full of sand, pebbles or marbles. Tall silk flowers are top-heavy and the sand will add weight to the vase and keep the finished arrangement stable.

Place a piece of dry floral foam into the vase. The foam needs be tightly fitted in and fill the vase, leaving about 1 inch space from the rim.

Set the silk flowers next to the vase so the stems are separated. Carefully check each stem to make sure all the blossoms are attached. Shape the stems into natural forms.

Place the flowers, while they are still laid out on the table, in the general placement you want for your arrangement. A triangle-type structure, either symmetrical or asymmetrical, will be the easiest. Concentrate on the color combination and size, texture variety.

Insert the tallest, longest-stemmed silk flower into the floral foam. This will be your focal point flower in the arrangement and needs to be placed toward the middle or back. Push the stem as far into the foam as possible for stability.

Hold each flower next to the vase to determine the appropriate height you want. Use wire cutters to cut off excess stem before inserting the stem into the floral foam. Continue to adjust and cut the stems and inserting them into the foam. Remember your silk flower arrangement should look good from the front and sides.

Add greenery and filler flowers to fill in gaps and unbalanced areas. Bend leaves into a natural position.

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