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How to Add a Crochet Flower to a Blanket

Add a bit of whimsy with a crocheted flower.
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Flowers add happiness to the kitchen table in springtime and bring smiles of love when received in a brightly colored bouquet. If crocheted flowers are your forte, decorate everyday items with crocheted flower embellishments adding interest to boring basics. Add a pink rose to the corner of a stroller blanket for a new baby girl. Transform a blanket into a decorative accessory that is both practical and pretty, with a few quick stitches of your needle and thread.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Common Pins
  • Thread
  • Crocheted Flower

Lay the flowers on the blanket in a design that you like. Once you are satisfied with the layout, pin the flowers in place using one pin through each flower.

Thread your sewing needle with thread that matches the color of the flower and knot the end.

Make a small straight stitch 1/4 inch long on the wrong side of the blanket under the flower. Pull the thread all the way through until it stops at the knot.

Insert the needle through the wrong side of the blanket. Push through the blanket and the center of the flower. The thread should be coming straight through the center of the flower and be pulled taught.

Insert the needle back through the flower just to the right of the center. Push through the flower and back through the blanket.

Move your next stitch toward the edge of each of the flower's petals. Each petal will be attached with one stitch, first up through the blanket and the petal and then back through the petal and the blanket. Pull the thread taught after each stitch.

Work around each petal until the flower is securely attached.

Create an easy to tie knot with your last stitch. Make a small straight stitch 1/4 inch long on the wrong side of the blanket under the flower. Do not pull the thread taught but pull it through the blanket until half of the remaining thread is on the right side of the stitch and half is on the left. The two sides of thread will become the tails that you will knot together.

Snip the needle from the thread and tie the tails of thread together twice to form a knot.

Snip the tails off close to the knot.


Use a different piece of thread to attach each individual flower.


  • Be careful not to sew through any extra layers of the blanket with each stitch. If you do, simply cut the thread, pull it out of the blanket and start again.
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