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How to Make StepMania Work With a Dance Pad

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“StepMania” is a dance pad rhythm game for the computer that's similar to the popular arcade game “Dance Dance Revolution.” It requires a USB dance pad compatible to the "StepMania" game. Once the USB dance pad is installed, the game needs to be configured to work with the dance pad through the input mapping menu.

Connect the dance pad to one of the USB slots on the computer. Most computers will automatically install the drivers. However, if the dance pad comes with a CD, specialized software may need to be installed.

Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate to “Options” on the main menu, then press the “Enter” key.

Navigate to “Config Key/Joy” on the “Options” menu and press “Enter.” This will open the “Input Mapping Screen” with a list of commands such as “Left,” “Right,” “Up” and “Down” in the middle column of the screen.

Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate to a command.

Press "Enter" to select the command, then press the corresponding arrow button on the dance pad to map the command to the dance pad controller. For example, select the “Left” command on the computer screen, then press the left arrow button on the dance pad. A visual confirmation of the button assignment will appear on screen in the right column.

Assign each command to a corresponding button on the dance pad until it is mapped to your liking.

Press the “Esc” key to return to the main menu.

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