How to Make Softball Hair Bows

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric ribbon
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Barrettes
  • Softball buttons

Combine team spirit with fashion with some handmade softball hair bows. Making your own custom hair bows with the help of the team members gives the group an opportunity for a simple team bonding activity and allows the teammates to show off their style. You can have each team member make the hair bows in the same way or give them an opportunity to personalize the hair accessory with some extra crafty embellishments.

Unwind the spool of ribbon. You can use ordinary ribbon in your team's colors or use ribbon covered with pictures of softballs.

Make a loop at one end of the ribbon and pinch it where it meets itself. Make another identical loop on the other side. Shape the bow so that both ends of the bow point in a downward fashion. Continue making loops and pinching each one to the previously fashioned one to add abundance, volume and shape to the softball bow. Leave 4 inches of ribbon ends attached to the bow to make the bow's tails.

Sew the bow after you have finished making your loops. Put in a few stitches using your needle and thread in the center of the hair bow. Secure the loops tightly to make sure it does not fall apart when the kids are jumping around.

Make a knot with another piece of ribbon in one of the team's colors. Using the glue gun, apply the knot over stitches in the center of the loops. The knot will obscure the stitches and make the bow look like it is knotted. Take the excess ribbon from the knot and wrap it around the bow. Secure it with the hot glue to the back of the bow.

Attach the barrette. Apply a line of glue along the back of the bow and press it firmly to the barrette. Allow it to dry completely before wear.

Attach softball-shaped buttons in the team's colors to the hair bow. Hot glue each one to the tails of the bow and allow them to thoroughly dry or sew each button in place instead.


  • Apply a small amount of clear nail polish to the edges of the bow tails. This will keep the points looking crisp and will prevent fraying.


  • Hot glue guns are extremely hot. Do not allow small children to use the glue gun and keep their fingers away when you are using it.