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How to Make My Own Funny Labels for Soup Cans

Funny labels are an excellent way to bring an unexpected little smile to somebody’s day. Imagine a friend or house guest reaching for a can of soup, only to find some unexpected humorous comments and warnings on the labels. This can be a great addition if you can your own soup to give as gifts, or you can play a trick on your co-workers who might be searching for a quick lunch in the break room. If you have a computer, you can print out your own funny, professional-looking soup labels.

Things You'll Need:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Photo Editing Software
  • Craft Glue
  • Printer
  • Clip Art
  • Paper
  • Computer

Measure around the can and the height of the can. Open a blank document on your photo editing software set to that size.

Color the blank file to the color you wish your label to be using the “paint” or “fill with color” tool.

Open a separate file of a clip-art image or digital photo if you want to put a picture on your label, such as a rubber chicken or a skull and crossbones. Copy and paste the image onto your label. Adjust the size if necessary.

Write the flavor of your soup on the label with the text tool, such as “Instant Skinny Weight-Loss Soup.” Select a font you like and use a color that stands out well on your background color. Add funny details in smaller font below, such as, “Directions: Heat soup in a microwavable safe bowl. Take one bite and pour the remaining soup down the sink. For best results, use Instant Skinny Weight-Loss Soup for three meals per day."

Make a list of ingredients with the text tool, if desired. For Halloween “Witch’s Brew” soup, you might list ingredients like, “tongue of bat, eye of newt, frog’s breath, and green dye #9.”

Include a warning label to throw people off, such as, “Do not open here; open somewhere else,” or, “Surgeon General’s Warning: Can cause blindness, boils, tooth loss and toe nail fungus.”

Print the label on paper and trim edges. Glue the label on the can by brushing on a light coating of craft glue.

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