How to Make Multi-Layered Necklaces

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Things You'll Need

  • Tigertail wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Beads
  • Crimp beads
  • Crimping tool
  • Multi-strand clasp

Create a dramatic piece of jewelry by making your own stylish multi-layered necklaces. You can use beads made from a variety of materials including glass, semi-precious stones, pearls or metal. Mix and match bead styles and colors, or make an elegant statement using all of one. Make the necklaces as gifts or sell them at local craft fairs. In a few steps, you will create a focal piece of jewelry that coordinates with your seasonal wardrobe.

Measure the length that you want your necklace, from the center back of the neckline. Decide on the longest length you want first, then shorter lengths. Multi-strand clasps come with two, three and up to several loops for attaching multiple layers. Measure the lengths you want for each layer, allowing at least 1 inch difference between each layer of the necklace, from the shortest to the longest.

Cut a piece of tigertail jewelry wire, using wire cutters, in each measurement you calculated, adding 4 inches to each length.

Attach the wires to one piece of your multi-strand clasp. Place a crimping bead on the end of the wire; thread the wire through the loop and bend it about 1/2-inch around the loop, and pull the tail of wire back through the crimp bead. Leave a small loop in the wire, and pull the crimp bead towards the clasp. Crimp the bead using the crimping tool, and then fold the crimped area in half to create a rounded bead. Flatten the bead by applying pressure using the crimping tool. Repeat this to attach each wire to the clasp, in the order from longest to shortest. Cut off the tails of wire using the wire cutters.

Thread your beads onto the wires, one at a time. Start threading your first wire and attach the end of the wire to the remaining piece of clasp by repeating Step 3. You can choose to thread any types of bead or spacers on each strand. Pay attention as you add the beads to make sure the different strands coordinate with one another, or place your beads randomly. Finish threading and attaching your strands to the remaining clasp. Cut off all remaining tails of wire using your wire cutters.


  • As an alternative to using beads, layer several strands of open loop chain. Use delicate sterling silver chains, or large, chunky chains for a bold appearance.