How to Make MP3 Music Clips

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MP3 music clips are created when full songs are trimmed and cut down to approximately 15 to 25 seconds. These music clips can be used for purposes such as cell phone ringtones and ringbacks, and online audio usage. With the use of an audio editing program, you can easily make MP3 music clips without complication or any kind of editing and technical experience.

Things You'll Need

  • Audio Editing Program
  • Computer
  • Mp3 Song Files Stored To Your Computer

Install a Program to Make MP3 Clips

Acquire a freeware audio editing program for your computer, such as Audacity, available for downloading at

Click on the title link next to the audio editing program you choose to download from the list.

Select the "Save" option to store the audio editing program to your computer's hard drive, when the program's file download window and elapsed time estimator appear on your screen.

Run the installation wizard for the program to install the program's files and components to your component for full functionality of the program. Select all of the recommended installation settings and configurations for the program when conducting the installation process.

Check the square box next to the "Run" option, and click "Finish" to automatically run the program at the close of the installation wizard.

Making the MP3 Music Clips

Click "File" in the audio editing program when it opens, and select the "Open" action to load the MP3 song file you want to trim.

Press the "Play" button using your mouse to play the song back, when the MP3 file's waveform appears in the audio editing program.

Drag the play meter over the waveform region to highlight the portion of the song you want to use as an MP3 music clip.

Play the song once again to determine where you want the clip to end, and drag the playback meter toward this area of the waveform to highlight the full clip.

Click the "Edit" tab at the top of the program, and select the "Trim" action that will be listed as a submenu item. The song's waveform will then be cut down to only the highlighted region of the waveform.

Save your new MP3 music clip once you have trimmed and editing the music clip as you desire.


  • Ringtone conversion programs are also available for making MP3 music clips. These particular audio programs enable users to easily cut songs down to approximately 15 to 30 seconds. (See resources for a list of these programs, as well.)


  • Songs must be stored to your computer and formatted correctly in the MP3 file format before you can begin editing and trimming the song to make your MP3 music clip.