How to Make Lullaby League Costumes

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Things You'll Need

  • Pink tights
  • Pink tutu
  • Pink or red ballet slippers
  • Pink or red ribbon (to match the slippers)
  • Pink tank top
  • Pink stocking cap

The Wizard of Oz is a classic tale from American literature and cinema about a young girl tired of life in Kansas and dreaming of a better and more magical place "somewhere, over the rainbow." The first, and perhaps most whimsical, place that Dorothy lands is Munchkinland, home of a number of dancing Munchkins, including the Lullaby League. For those who would like to dress up in a Lullaby League costume for Halloween or for a school production of the Wizard of Oz, the costume can be easily assembled at home.

Put on a pair of pink tights and a pink ballerina tutu.

Put on a pair of pink or red ballet slippers. If desired, sew two lengths of pink or red ribbon to each slipper. Sew the ribbon to the upper edge of the slipper, between the arch and heel of the slipper. Tie the ribbons up around the ankles for support.

Put on a pink tank top.

Put on a pink stocking cap. The cap should be solid pink. If you are unable to find a pink stocking cap, you can dye a white cap pink by soaking it in pink fabric dye (follow the instructions on the package of dye for recommended soaking time) and then letting it dry out.