How to Make Lollipop Bouquets

Things You'll Need

  • Lollipops, large variety of favored colors, flavors and lengths
  • 10-inch Styrofoam dome
  • Old newspaper
  • Baby's breath floral garnish
  • Wrapping paper in desired colors and patterns
  • Glue

As any kid -- or for that matter grown-up -- will tell you, lollipops are a favorite treat. From the small gum-filled ones to the giant swirls of flavors, they come in an endless variety of flavor, from cherry to tequila, and a dizzying array of shapes, like cars and bugs. A neat way of presenting these treats is a lollipop bouquet.

Tabletop Bouquet

Push shorter lollipops into the top of the Styrofoam dome in a pattern that uses colors that match, a rainbow pattern or shapes that match.

Continue inserting lollipops as you work down toward the base, making a gradual change toward the longer lollipops. This will add body to the bouquet, making it look larger and more like a floral arrangement.

Add the longest lollipops at the base in a variety of colors.

Place baby's breath randomly around the lollipop bouquet.

Hand Bouquet

Line a 12-by-12-inch square of the wrapping paper with the same size cut of tissue paper.

Place 6 of the longest lollipops on the top corner of the paper.

Wrap the paper from the left to right into a bouquet shape, tightly twisting the bottom to prevent any from falling out the bottom.

Insert 10 smaller lollipops into the top of the bouquet.

Glue ribbons or bows to the top of some lollipops or the outside of the paper to add some more color.


  • Online stores have an amazing variety of lollipops. Many are available at party planning stores as well. Arts and craft stores can provide the Styrofoam domes and other shapes. And baby's breath is available from florists.

    A different type of bouquet is based on a particular theme. For different types of parties, there are different ideas. For a "Godfather" party, find long-stemmed lollipops and wrap them in old newspaper -- a tribute to "sleeping with the fishes." For a western themed party, use small plastic gun holsters to hold a bouquet of gun-shaped lollipops. There are an endless variety of ways to get creative with lollipop bouquets.


  • Never underestimate the choking hazards lollipops present with small kids. Supervision is crucial.


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