How to Make Hanging Kitchen Towels

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Things You'll Need

  • Kitchen towel
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Small piece of fabric in cotton, terry or other washable material

If you're tired of your kitchen towels falling on the floor, unfolding or being stuffed in the first convenient space in your kitchen, you might want to consider using hanging kitchen towels instead. Fortunately, turning your regular kitchen towels into hanging kitchen towels is a quick and easy sewing project.

Choose a fabric that coordinates with your kitchen towel. Alternatively, you can pick one that clashes and have the beginnings of a fun and funky kitchen.

Cut a strip of fabric two inches wide and three inches long. Fold the fabric into thirds length-wise. Turn the edge of the outer fold under about one-quarter inch.

Sew a seam down the middle, ensuring that the folded edge is sewn down.

Fold each end under one-quarter inch and sew down. You should now have a completely sewn strip of fabric that is ready to attach to your towel.

Decide where you want to attach the loop on your towel. If you attach it closer to one end than the other, it will be less bulky. Just ensure that it is placed in the middle of the towel width-wise.

Fold the strip of fabric in half and sew it to the towel in the spot you selected.

Hang up your towel.


  • You can use the same method for other towels; just make the loop larger or smaller as needed.


  • Hang your towels in an area away from your stove so they can't catch fire.


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