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Handmade Towel Bibs for Adults

Adult bibs are commonly used with elderly and handicapped persons.
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Everyone deserves their dignity, including those who are not able to feed themselves with grace. An adult bib provides an easy clean-up solution, whether a person of diminished capacity still feeds himself, or a caregiver feeds him. Easy to make, terry cloth bibs provide an easy remedy to keep clothing clean and dry.

Assemble Materials

Assemble some basic sewing supplies and a few materials. You need a sewing machine set to a wide stitch. A zigzag stitch works well, as does a three-step zigzag. If using a contrasting thread, a decorative stitch adds detail. In addition, you need scissors, all-purpose thread, a bath towel (approximately 27-by-52 inches), a 9-inch pie plate or dinner plate, two 3-yard packages of double-fold, double-wide bias tape, and a piece of hook and loop tape 1-by-2 inches.

Prepare the Towel

Trim thick-hemmed edges and fringed edges of towels. Woven edges that aren’t thick can be left in place. Trim towels to size, if a smaller sized bib is desired. Fold the bottom edge 1 inch to the right side and stitch down. To create a catch-all pocket, fold the bottom hemmed edge of the towel up 6 inches to right side, and stitch along the side edges and across the folded bottom. Place the 9-inch pie plate on the towel, even with and centered along top edge of towel. Mark around plate, then cut out the circle, leaving the top of the circle open. Trim the pointed edges of the flaps so they are rounded.

Finishing the Edges

Create one long length of bias tape by sewing the short ends of the bias tape together, right sides together with the ends unfolded. Finger-press the seam open, then refold. Starting along a side edge, envelop the two sides of the bias tape around the edge of the towel, like stuffing a taco. Stitch all layers together. Fill the bias tape and stitch as you work. Continue around the entire bib. Trim the bias binding so it overlaps where it started by 1/2-inch. Overlap binding, stitch in place, and back-stitch to secure.

Attach Hook and Loop Tape

Place the hook side of the hook-and-loop tape hook side up, on one of the top flaps, at least 1/4-inch from the bias tape edge. Set the sewing machine to a straight stitch. Sew the hook piece to the flap. Place the loop side of the tape, loop side up, on the other flap where it naturally overlaps the hook side of the tape. Stitch the loop tape in place.

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