How to Make Glitter Glue

Purchasing glitter glue isn't an expensive proposition, so why not make your own? It's a craft in itself, and one that children love to do. You can mix your own concoctions and create something all your own.

Have fun and experiment--who knows what you'll come up with! You're only limited by your creativity.

A New Craft

Pour a few tablespoons of white glue into a jar or bowl. If you're going to be using the glue as you make it, you won't need to worry about covering it to keep it from drying out. Otherwise, use containers with lids.

Sprinkle glitter into the glue. You can mix colors to create new colors by stirring with a stick, or you can gently swirl it to make swirls. You can also alter the amount of glitter to make just a sparkle or use lots to make dazzle.

Have fun using your new glitter glue. A few simple ideas for children's craft using glitter glue is to glue craft sticks in a square to make a picture frame, and then decorate it with the glitter glue. They can also decorate notebook covers, desk accessories and book bags.


You shouldn't use glitter glue on washable items as the glue will dissolve in water.

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