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How to Make Cricket Sounds

Amuse people by sounding like a cricket.
cricket image by Eric Isselée from Fotolia.com

Learning how to make cricket noises could provide you with hours of amusement and is especially useful if you are in the entertainment business. Some people seem to be able to do this naturally whereas others spend years trying to learn/ With practice, it is possible to learn the art of cricket chirping.

Drink a glass of water. You will not be able to chirp without a lot of saliva or water in your mouth.

Pool a small amount of saliva or water on your tongue at the back of your mouth and try to whistle gently while holding it there. The air should pass over the liquid and make a quiet gurgling or warbling sound.

Loosen your lips as you whistle, allowing them to vibrate as the air comes out your mouth. This combined with the warbling should produce a chirp similar to that of a cricket.


Knowing how to whistle is important, so practice your normal whistling technique until it is clear and easy to do.

If you are having trouble getting the sound right, listen to an actual cricket chirping and try to mimic it. Don't get frustrated if you can't get it right, take a break and try again. It can take a while to get it right.


  • Be careful not to inhale the water while trying to whistle.
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