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How to Make Fuzzy Dice

Make Fuzzy Dice

Fuzzy dice...aah, takes you back a bit, doesn't it? If you're too young to remember, fuzzy dice hung from the rear view mirror of every "cool" person's car in the '50s. They regained their popularity in the '70s and '80s, but in the '90s became illegal in most states to hang from your rear-view mirror. Fuzzy dice now make great decorations for '50s parties and theme rooms, and only take an hour or so to make.This nostalgic project is easy and fun.

Make Fuzzy Dice

Things You'll Need:

  • Styrofoam Slquare
  • Sewing Machine
  • Shoelace
  • Needle
  • Fuzzy Material
  • Fabric Glue
  • Felt
  • Thread

Take a piece of paper and cut six squares, 1" larger than your Styrofoam square. Lay them down to form a cross pattern. This will be the pattern to cut out your material. Cut two pieces.

Sew up the three short sides on the wrong side of the material. Fold over the long side and sew to the end on the squares you have already sewn. You should be left with one flap, or one side of your die, left open. Turn your material right-side out.

Slip in your Styrofoam square and make the second in the set of dice. Hand-sew the end of your shoelace into the inside of the material on one of the corners. Repeat on the other die. They should now be attached. Hand-sew the remaining open sides and close up the dice.

Cut circles out of felt and glue them on, like the dots on dice. You're done. Go hang them wherever you want (as long as it is not from your rear-view mirror).


If you want softer dice, you can stuff them with a poly-fiber fill instead of using the Styrofoam.

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