How to Make Fun Labels for Soup Cans

By Mary Stewart ; Updated September 15, 2017
Adding your own homemade label to a plain soup can be a fun project.

Andy Warhol may have made art from soup labels, but making soup labels themselves can be an enjoyable art project. By hand-making labels, you can make sure each is unique and will stand out, especially if you are giving the can as a gift. If calligraphy is not your strong point, alphabet stickers can make attractive lettering. Alliteration such us "Terrific Tomato" and "Crazy Chicken" make for fun titles. Sticky labels in different colors and neon shades can form an eye-catching base.

Decide on the words you wish to use on your label. Keep the words short to avoid clutter on the label.

Start one to two inches in from the left hand edge of the label and one inch from the top, and use a pencil to sketch in the letters first to ensure you can fit in entire words before you reach the right-hand edge. Allow a 1/2-inch margin on the right-hand side between where the last letter of a word ends and the edge of the label.

Write in the words using the felt tip pens or use alphabet stickers to spell them out.

Cut out images of foods that are appropriate for the ingredients of the soup inside the can using scissors or a craft knife. Alternatively, if the can is for a gift, you can cut out a fun head shot from a photograph of the person you are giving it to.

Stick the food cutouts or photo on the left-hand side of the label in the area you have left free from words.

Decorate the remaining margins with images of your choice using the felt-tip pens. Keep the designs simple.

Brush over the finished label with a thin layer of PVA glue to act as a seal and let the glue. Your label is now ready to attach to your soup can.

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