How to Use Rubber Stamps to Stamp on Plastic or Acrylic

Things You'll Need

  • Solvent-based ink
  • Acrylic shapes or album pages
  • Plastic sheets such as transparencies

Once you've invested in rubber stamps, you can elevate your paper craft projects by stamping on surfaces other than paper. Stamping on a transparent surface such as plastic or acrylic can provide dimension because you can see though to the paper underneath. It also allows the stamped image to be viewed from both sides of an acrylic page in an album.

Remove the clear protective sheet from the acrylic shape or page and place it on the work surface. Purchase acrylic shapes and album pages from a crafts store, or clear transparent plastic sheets from an office supply store

Ink the rubber stamp by pressing it firmly onto the ink pad, and then press the stamp onto the acrylic. Do not rock the stamp back and forth or use your body weight to press down, as this can cause a blurred image.

Remove the stamp by lifting it straight off of the acrylic piece. Allow at least an hour for the ink to dry before touching the surface.


  • To clean your stamp, use ink cleaner or a baby wipe.

    For a different look, use acrylic paint if your stamp has less detail and large flat spaces in the design.

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