How to Make Fandango Puppets

Things You'll Need

  • Paper lunch bags
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Craft supplies: yarn, ribbon, buttons, fabric
  • Household items: noodles, sponges, twist ties
  • Office supplies: pencils, sticky notes, paper, paper clips

Making Fandango puppets is a fun and easy project you can create with household items and a little bit of imagination. Fandango puppets are paper bag puppets made out of anything you have around the house, from leftover yarn to office supplies. Fandango is a website that sells movie tickets, and the company marketed the word "fan" in "Fandango" by creating puppet "fans." Fandango puppets appear in ads shown before movies at the theater and depict how much fun it is to go to the movies. Create your movie-going Fandango puppets following these simple steps.

Lay a paper lunch bag on your working surface. Decide what type of character you would like your puppet to be. Use supplies that represent that character. For example, use supplies that would reflect a profession, such as a teacher or dancer. Arrange the supplies you want to use on the paper bag. Start with the basics, such as the eyes, nose, mouth and hair. Create a special look by adding glasses or earrings.

Glue or tape the items in place. Be careful how you attach each item. You want to make sure you will be able to open the puppet's mouth. Allow drying time for any glued items.

Gently open the paper lunch bag and put your hand inside. Open the puppet's mouth to make sure it is in working order. Look at your puppet from all angles to make sure it has the effect you want. Cover glue or tape with additional craft, household or office supplies.


  • Items used in making your puppet should be lightweight so they will not weigh down or rip the paper lunch bag.


  • It would be difficult to use a stapler to attach items directly to the paper lunch bag. Use a stapler for putting items together before adding the items to the paper lunch bag. Then, glue or tape the items directly to the bag.