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How to Make a Cowboy Hat Out of a Bud Light Box

You can make a cowboy hat with an empty beer box.
hot cowboy hat image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.com

Cowboy hats made from Bud Light boxes can be used to make party hats. If you know someone who loves to drink Bud Light, they can also be given as a personalized gift. You can use them for costume parties or just wear them to have a good time. You only need a few supplies.

You can make a cowboy hat with an empty beer box.
hot cowboy hat image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • 3 Bud Light Boxes

Open the sides of the boxes and flatten them out. Smooth out any wrinkles or lumps.

Use a measuring tape to measure your head. Wrap the measuring tape around the biggest part of your head . Use your finger to mark where the measuring tape meets, and write down the measurement.

Put one of the boxes with the colored side down on a flat surface. Make sure the cardboard side is facing up. Using the compass, draw a circle onto the box that is the same circumference as the measurements of your head. Cut it out and set it aside.

Lay another box face down, with the brown cardboard side up, on the flat surface. Place the circle you cut out on top of the box. Trace around it with your pencil. Set the circle aside. Place the compass in the center of the traced circle. Extend the compass point out 3 inches from the edge of the circle. Place the pencil in the compass, and draw a circle 3 inches from the edge all the way around. Cut out the inner circle, leaving a ring for the brim of the hat.

Use the third box to cut a strip long enough to go around the first circle that you cut out. The strip needs to be 4 inches deep. Wrap the strip around the circle, and fold the edges of the strip over the edge of the circle. Staple the strip around the circle so that they are joined together. This is the top of the hat.

Take the brim of the hat, and fold the outer edges under, shaping them like the sides of a cowboy hat. Staple them in place. Place the top of the hat in the center of the brim, and fold the inside edges under where the top is attached to the brim. Staple around the inside brim. You now have a Bud Light box cowboy hat.


Make these as party favors for Super Bowl, tailgate and other adult-themed parties.

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