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How to Make Fake Chest Hair

Fake chest hair can age a younger performer.
Drum player image by MAXFX from Fotolia.com

Fake chest hair can provide you with an easy transformation into a burly man. This technique for making chest hair is appropriate for skits, plays, practical jokes or any other reason you would need to increase the appearance of chest hair. The supplies can all be found at a local theatre supply shop or online from a theatre supply website.

Things You'll Need:

  • Steam Iron
  • Crepe Hair Strands
  • Small Comb
  • Small Scissors
  • Liquid Latex Adhesive

Place your strands of crepe hair on an ironing board. Crepe hair is a woolen hair that comes in braids, so you will be ironing them out to get rid of the braided kink. The number of strands you need will depend on how much fake chest hair you are planning to make.

Turn on the iron to high heat and make sure there is water in the steam chamber. Iron the crepe hair strands until they are straight, then use the small comb to brush out the strands so there are no clumps.

Cut the crepe hair into even chunks to mimic the length of chest hair. The exact length you use cut them to depends on how long you want your fake chest hair to be.

Open the liquid latex and paint it onto your chest in the areas where you want to put the fake chest hair. Most liquid latex bottles come with a small applicator brush. If you plan on doing your entire chest, start with one section at the bottom and work your way up so the latex doesn't dry before you apply the hair.

Press the ends of the crepe hair into the liquid latex and hold it there for five seconds so it is secure. If you are applying the fake hair in sections, alternate painting the latex on and pressing the hair into it, starting at the bottom and working up so the hair lies in more natural-looking layers.

Use the small scissors to trim the hair further until it looks how you want it to look.


If you are using the fake hair for a performance under stage lights, use a medical adhesive instead of liquid latex, which can melt.

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