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How to Comb Our Generation Doll Hair

American Girl doll with curly hair
Adrienne Warber

Our Generation dolls have built a reputation as being a great companion for little girls. The dolls are also known for having completely unmanageable hair. Running a brush through and Our Generations doll head is not recommended. A specific finesse is needed to wrangle those tresses. You can comb through and Our Generations doll's hair easily with a little help.

Mist the doll's hair with water. Water will soften and loosen the hair strands. Only mist a few sprays over the entire head. If the hair is too moist, it will tangle and you'll have to start over again when it's dry.

Comb the doll's hair slowly from end to root with a wide-toothed comb. This technique will minimize tangling. Hold onto the doll's neck to stabilize it, so hair doesn't fly everywhere.

Check the hair for tangles and carefully comb out the knots with the comb. If the comb snags on a knot, start at the ends of the hair again and slowly comb up, misting with water on your way up. This will loosen and soften the knot. Sometimes a comb and misting are not enough to keep the hair smooth. If you still encounter problems, use a wig brush.

Brush the hair once it is dry with a wig brush. Doing this once a week will tame even the most stubborn of doll hair. Stabilize the doll by holding it by the neck and then brush from root to ends in long, even strokes.

Refrain from running your fingers through the hair of the doll as it can lead to tangling. You should also avoid getting the doll's hair wet too often, as it will need maintenance immediately after. Rough play will lead to quicker tangles in the hair. If you brush or comb weekly the hair will remain manageable.

Things You'll Need:

  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Wig brush
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