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How to Make Fabric Covers for Canes

Canes are essential items for some and ornate accessories for others. According to Liela Nelson of the website The World of the Walking Stick, “The 19th century was the hey-day of the walking stick both here and in Europe. … They were a status symbol because it was one way you could judge how much money a man had.” Today, a cane continues to tell a lot about the user’s personality. After investing money in a good cane, many users prefer to have a fabric cover to protect the cane. Making a cane cover is a practical and simple project.

Things You'll Need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Fabric - Approximately 1 To 2 Yards
  • Cane
  • Tape Measure
  • Elastic - Approximately 6 Inches
  • Thread

Measure the width and the length of the cane. If the handle or any other part is wider than another part, use the widest part of the cane as the width measurement. Add 1 inch to the width measurement. Add 3 inches to the length measurement.

Place fabric on a flat surface and cut fabric according to the adjusted measurements. Pin the fabric rectangles together.

Sew the two long sides and one end, using a one-half inch seam allowance, with a straight stitch on the sewing machine. Remove pins. Leave one end open.

Fold the top raw fabric edges over against the wrong side of the fabric 1 inch and sew using a straight stitch on the sewing machine, forming a casing for the elastic. Leave a 2-inch opening to feed the elastic through.

Cut a piece of elastic measuring the flat width of the fabric tube. Connect a safety pin to both ends of elastic. Connect one elastic end with a safety pin to the fabric of the casing.

Feed safety pin and elastic through the casing, until the pin/elastic emerges from the other end of the casing. Pin. Sew ends of elastic to the fabric and sew the opening of the casing closed.

Turn inside out and slip the fabric case over the cane through the elastic opening.


If the cane is curved or has a curved handle, measure the entire length as if it were straight, but add one-half inch to the measurement before adding the 3 inches. The fabric rectangle will bend around the curved handle.

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