How to Make Dollar Bill Animals in Origami

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Things You'll Need

  • Dollar bill
  • Small piece of paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape

Origami is the ancient art of folding paper to create interesting shapes. These shapes include a variety of animals. Many kinds of paper can be used to create origami animals including paper money dollar. If you've never made an animal out of a dollar bill start with a simple frog or maybe a rabbit.

Making the Dollar Bill Frog

Place a dollar bill in front of you so a short edge is closest to you. Fold the short top edge over to the long edge on the left. The diagonal crease should bisect the right corner. Unfold. Fold the top edge over to the long edge on the right. The diagonal crease should bisect the left corner. Unfold. You should now have an X at the top of your dollar bill.

Flip the paper over. Fold the top edge down, creating a crease right through the center of the X. Unfold. Turn the paper over again.

Look at the horizontal crease you made in Step 2. Label the left end of this crease point A, the left end of this crease point B and the middle of this crease point X. Push down at X and bring points A and B together in the middle of the paper. All folds will occur along previously-folded creases. The result should be a triangle with the top point facing away from you.

Fold the outer corners of the triangle to the top. There should now be two triangular flaps with the ends facing up.

Fold the long right edge in to the middle of the paper. Fold the long left edge in to the middle of the paper. Take a moment to sharpen all creases.

Fold the bottom edge of the form to the very top edge of the form. Fold the top edge of only the front layer down to the bottom edge. This is your dollar bill frog.

Making the Dollar Bill Rabbit

Follow all steps for making the dollar bill frog. Set the frog aside for the moment.

Cut two long ears out of the paper. They should be equal in size and have tabs on the bottom for glue or tape. The exact design of the ears is up to you.

Glue or tape these ears into place on the dollar bill frog. They should face upwards sharply like a rabbit's ears and be positioned just behind where the eyes might be. This is your dollar bill rabbit.


  • You can make larger or smaller frogs and bunnies by using paper of different sizes.


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