How to Make Decorations for a Fiesta

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Things You'll Need

  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Newspaper strips
  • Balloon
  • Glue
  • Candy and treats
  • Wire
  • Styrofoam egg
  • Terra cotta pot
  • Paint and paint brush
  • Sand
  • Craft wire
  • Craft glue
  • Maracas
  • Small brown paper bags
  • Curly ribbon
  • Beans
  • Mexican blankets
  • Sombrero
  • Chili peppers
  • Red and green card stock

Throwing a fiesta means that you get to make colorful and vibrant decorations to match the party's theme. Making decorations for the fiesta offers an afternoon of family time. Prepare a few snacks and play a few Mexican folk songs while you make decorations for a fiesta. Creating your own decorations saves money in your fiesta budget. Pull out your arts and crafts bin for basic supplies and check sales to pick up other items.

Make paper flowers. Cut various colors of tissue paper into 4-by-10-inch pieces. Fold four pieces of tissue paper in an accordion pattern with 1/2-inch folds. Trim the ends so they are round. Use half a pipe cleaner folded in half to secure the flower. Pinch the middle of the tissue paper, and twist the pipe cleaner around the tissue paper. Carefully fan out the tissue paper folds and begin shaping the flower.

Construct a pinata. Make a paste consisting of one cup flour and three cups water. Inflate a balloon. Dip 1-by-6-inch strips of newspaper into the paste mixture and wrap the balloon. Allow the covered balloon to dry overnight. Poke a hole and pop the balloon. Use various colors of tissue paper to create a design on the pinata. Glue long strips of tissue paper onto the pinata. Fringe the tissue paper and allow the pinata to dry. Cut a small hole near the top and put candy and treats inside the pinata. Punch small holes on each side and run a wire through it to use as a hanging device.

Create a cactus. Paint a styrofoam egg green and allow time for it to dry. Fill terracotta pots two-thirds full with sand. Place craft glue on the end of the Styrofoam egg and place in the sand. Put pieces of craft wire into the Styrofoam to resemble thorns. Assemble a small paper flower, using the instructions above. Use two-inch by four-inch pieces of tissue paper and create a 3/8-inch fold. Place the flower on top of the cactus using a small dab of craft glue.

Decorate maracas. Purchase plain maracas and paint to create a festive decoration. Use bright colors or traditional Mexican symbols such as chili peppers, cacti or a sombrero. Allow the paint to dry overnight. As an alternative, decorate small brown paper bags. Fill each bag with beans. Tie with curly ribbon and use as maracas.

Accessorize with traditional items. Use traditional Mexican items to adorn the party area. Consider using colorful homemade Mexican blankets as table covers. Place a sombrero in the center of the table with a few paper flowers or chili peppers. Decorate the room with red, white and green balloons. Cut chili pepper designs from red and green card stock to create a decorative chain or use them as place settings.


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