How to Make Custom Pens

By Rayzelle Forrest Young
You can easily make a custom pen with the help of a computer and photo paper.

You may want to create custom pens to give as a gift, keep for yourself or maybe even start a business selling them. Making custom pens are a way to add originality and creativity to an otherwise plain object. Pens are used throughout the day by teachers, students, businesses, mothers, fathers and any other person you can think of. Having a pen with your name on it or a custom message can help make that pen an object of sentimental value and not just something to write with. It's easy to achieve a custom pen with the help of photo paper and a computer.

Open a desktop publishing or word processing program containing a ruler page guide. The program should allow you to create text boxes or image frames. Save your project as "pen project."

Insert an image frame or text box that is approximately 3 5/16 inches long and 15/16 inches wide. Use the page rulers to help you get the proper dimensions.

Select the font type you want to use and type the name or the message you want to appear on the pen inside your text box or frame. Center your text inside the box and make sure it is no taller than 1/2 inch.

Insert background colors and images of your choice. Choose images and colors that don't drown out the color of the text.

Print out your image on glossy photo paper and cut it out.

Unscrew the end of the pen and remove the ink cartridge.

Roll your cut image into a tight cylinder shape. Make sure the message or name on the pen is showing once it is rolled.

Insert the paper cylinder into the pen barrel with the message on the opposite side of any writing that may be on the pen. Make sure the name or message is clearly visible inside the pen.

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