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How to Take Apart a Waterman Pen

Waterman pens have been around for more than 100 years.
nib image by Alex White from Fotolia.com

For more than a century, Waterman pens have epitomized a sense of style and refinement. The classic fountain pens are a favorite of business professionals. Fountain pens are slightly different from inexpensive ballpoint pens, the traditional pens most of us use. Therefore, the process for taking apart a Waterman pen is also different.

Pull the cap from the top of the Waterman pen.

Unscrew the writing nib from the barrel of the Waterman pen.

Unscrew the decorative ring that sits between the writing tip and the base of the Waterman pen. This is the fancy ring that features the Watermen logo.

Remove the ink converter from the nib. This is a semi-transparent ink chamber.

Remove the ink cartridge from the barrel. This is the long, thin tube that holds the ink.


Use a pair of tweezers to remove the ink cartridge if you can’t grasp it. When refilling a Waterman pen, always make sure the refill ink cartridge is compatible with your type of pen. Different models sometimes require different refill cartridges.


  • Beware of ink spills when you take apart a Waterman pen. Put a piece of newspaper on your work surface.
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