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How to Fill a Montblanc Meisterstuck Fountain Pen

You can fill a Waterman fountain pen with a reusable converter.
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Montblanc's Meisterstück (German for "masterpiece") line of fountain pens are known for their distinctive stout size, gold- or platinum-ringed bodies and ornately engraved points. These heirloom pens come in a variety of body and nib styles, but, with the exception of dip pens, they can all be refilled using Montblanc ink cartridges or bottled ink.

Cartridge Refill

The easiest way to fill your Meisterstück fountain pen is with a cartridge refill. Purchase Montblanc or compatible refills to avoid leaks and ink spillage.

Unscrew the nib from the barrel of the pen and remove the old cartridge.

Snap the new cartridge into place and screw the barrel of the Meisterstück pen back on.

Hold the pen with the nib pointing downward for a few seconds to help the ink flow toward the nib and begin writing.

Piston Converter

Meisterstück fountain pens can also be filled with bottled ink because they contain a piston converter. The converter is used to draw ink up from the bottle and functions as a reusable cartridge.

Unscrew the pen barrel, turning the end of the converter counterclockwise as far as you can.

Place the nib end of the pen into the bottled ink and turn the end of the converter clockwise. This will draw the ink into the converter.

Raise the pen up and allow a few ink drops to fall into the ink bottle by turning the end of the converter counterclockwise.

Rotate the pen so the nib is facing up and turn the end of the converter clockwise to tighten. Clean the nib with a clean paper towel.

Things You'll Need:

  • Montblanc ink cartridge or bottled ink
  • Paper towel


If you are using cartridges in your Meisterstück pen, you can store an extra cartridge in the barrel of the pen to ensure you always have enough ink on hand.


  • Never fill your fountain pen with India ink, as it can ruin the pen. Always choose inks specially made for fountain pens.
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