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How to Insert a Cross Pen Refill

In case your pen runs out in the middle of writing an important appointment date, keep refills handy.
pen image by Mikhail Olykainen from Fotolia.com

Established in 1846, the A. T. Cross Company also manufactures mechanical pencils and electronic tablet PC pens in addition to its line of ballpoint and gel ink pens. Known for the quality of its products, the company offers a lifetime guarantee that if any of its writing instruments fail, it will either repair or replace the faulty instrument at no cost. All the pens produced by the company open the same way for refilling.

Grasp both tips of the pen, one in each hand. Hold the pen approximately half an inch from both tips. Pull to remove the top half. Set the top half of the pen down.

Hold the pen straight up with the tip pointing towards the ground. Turn the old Cross pen refill plastic cap counterclockwise to release. Pull up to remove the old refill from the pen barrel.

Compare the old refill with the new refill to make sure the new refill is the correct type. If a new refill has not been purchased, take the old refill with you to an office supply store to ensure that you purchase the correct Cross pen refill.

Insert the new Cross pen refill into the pen barrel tip first. Screw the refill cap clockwise to secure it in place.

Pick up the top half of the Cross pen. Align the top with the bottom half by pushing the top down to meet the bottom half at the pen's midsection.

Test the pen by turning the top half clockwise for half a turn so that the tip of the new refill comes out. Scribble on a piece of scratch paper to check that everything is working.


Try twisting, while pulling the two halves apart, if the top half seems to be stuck.

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