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How to Refill a Bic ReAction Mechanical Pencil

pencil image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.com

The ReAction is a refillable mechanical pencil from the BIC company. New packages of the ReAction often contain two of the pencils along with replacement graphite lead rods for convenience when you need to refill the pencil. The ReAction is available in two sizes, fine (0.5mm lead) and medium (0.7mm lead), and each pencil displays its size on the clip of the pencil. If you are out of the replacement lead rods that came in the original package, be sure to buy the correct size replacement lead before you refill your ReAction pencil.

Things You'll Need:

  • BIC ReAction mechanical pencil
  • Replacement lead rods of the correct size

Remove the clear plastic eraser protector from the eraser end of the pencil.

Remove the white eraser.

Load three replacement lead rods into the pencil, one at a time, through the opening at the bottom of the eraser holder. Make sure all three are completely inside the pencil and that no lead rod ends are sticking out into the eraser holder.

Replace the white eraser, then replace the eraser protector.

Click the eraser end of the pencil a few times to advance the new lead out through the "point" of the pencil, then use the pencil as usual.


If you use the ReAction pencil frequently, you may want to buy replacement lead rods in bulk from an online retailer to have plenty on hand and to save money.


  • Handle the lead rods with care so you don't break them.
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