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How to Make Curves in "Minecraft"

"Minecraft" is a computer game that allows users to manipulate and explore a world made out of blocks. You can use a crafting bench in "Minecraft" to create tools that will help you mine blocks and transport your character throughout the map. A mine cart rail can be made from smelted iron ore and sticks and then placed on a block. The mine cart rail facilitates the transportation of a player in a mine cart. Mine cart rails can be linked together and laid in such a way to form curves.

Craft mine cart rails. Mine six iron ore blocks and smelt them in an oven. Gather the iron billings and place them in your inventory. Cut down a tree using an axe and convert the wood into sticks. Click on a crafting bench and place three iron billings vertically on the left and right sides of the crafting menu and a single stick in the middle box. This will create six pieces of mine cart track. Click on the mine cart tracks and place them in your inventory.

Place two mine cart tracks in a line end to end. If you place two tracks parallel to each other they will automatically reposition themselves so that they are end to end. Mine cart tracks can not be placed on water, lava or an empty block.

Lay one piece of track directly next to one of the two pieces you already laid down. This will create an "L" shaped curve. It does not matter if you lay the track parallel or perpendicular to the other track section, the "L" shaped curve will still occur.

Place a piece of track next to the other piece of track you laid down. This will create an enclosed circle. To avoid creating a circle, extend the original line of track. Extending the original line of track will prevent the game from automatically thinking you want to create a circle.

Test out the track. Craft a mine cart by placing iron billings into a "U" shape in a crafting bench. Place the mine cart into your inventory. Walk to the track and place the mine cart on the track. Walk into the mine cart to accelerate it along the track. The mine cart will follow the track and stop once the track ends.

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