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How to Create a Door or Curtain for a Cubicle

Cubicle curtains are the easiest way to achieve privacy in a public location. They are often used in emergency rooms, but are also effective in clinics and department store dressing rooms. Cubicle curtains can define an area. They come in standard prints, which are limited and often drab. Making cubicle curtains for your own space offers you the opportunity to use brighter colors and more appealing prints. Though the task may seem large, they are very easy to make.

Things You'll Need:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Chalk
  • Grommet Punch
  • Roller Hooks
  • Corner Bend Track
  • 1/4-Inch Grommets
  • Fabric
  • Cubicle Track
  • Plumb String

Hang the Track

Draw a chalk line on the floor where you want the cubicle curtain to hang. If you need the curtain to form two walls of the cubicle, curve around the corner and draw a line down the other side.

Measure the chalk line as one continuous measurement. You may need help curving the measuring tape around the corner. This is the track measurement, which indicates the amount of track you will need. Where you have drawn any curves, one piece of the track should be a corner bend track.

Multiply the track measurement by 2. This is the finished width of your cubicle curtain.

Transfer the chalk line to the ceiling by standing on a ladder with a plumb string. Hold one end of the string to the ceiling and allow the plumb to hang freely. When the plumb is over the line, mark the spot on the ceiling with chalk. Move down about two feet and repeat until the line is represented by sections of marks.

Divide the finished width of the fabric by 2. This is the number of roller hooks you will need. Install the roller hooks in the tracking according to the manufacturer's directions.

Assemble and mount the tracks to the marks on the ceiling according to the packaging directions.

Make the Curtain

Measure the height from the mounted track to the floor. This is your finished curtain length. Add 1 inch to the finished curtain width. Add 1 1/2 inch to the finished curtain length. Cut the fabric to these measurements. You may need to sew several panels of fabric together to achieve the width.

Hem the curtain on the sides and bottom by turning the edges to the back 1/4 inch. Then turn another 1/4 inch. Press and stitch in place. Hem the curtain top by turning 1/4 inch. Then turn another 1 inch. Press and stitch in place.

Begin at the end of the top of the curtain. Make a mark at the corner 1/2 inch from the top. Measure over 2 inches and mark. Continue measuring every 2 inches and place a mark.

Punch a hole on the top of each mark with a grommet punch. Sandwich the grommet hole with the grommet front and back. Press together.

Install the curtain by hanging the grommets to the hooks.


Use lightweight fabric.


  • Hanging cubicle curtains in front of lighting sources can make the other cubicles dark.
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