How to Make Coil Baskets

Making coil baskets is an old craft that involves wrapping fabric strips around rug cording and attaching the coiled rounds with more fabric strip stitches. The technique used in this pattern has an unusual twist in that it uses clothesline, and the coils are stitched together on the sewing machine. This is a fun craft technique that allows you to use what is available at your local stores. Purchase cotton clothesline for best results. Vinyl-coated ropes provide too much resistance, which will cause your needles to dull faster and possibly break.

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing Machine
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • School Glue
  • Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine Needle
  • Thread To Match Fabric
  • Cotton Clothesline
  • Ruler
  • 1 Yard Cotton Fabric

Cut the width of your fabric into 1/2-inch wide strips. Begin by folding an end of a fabric strip over the end of the clothesline. Apply a small amount of school glue to secure the fabric strip. Turn the fabric strip 90 degrees and began wrapping the fabric strip tightly around the clothesline. Apply the school glue every 4 to 5 inches to prevent the fabric strips from shifting. After you have wrapped the whole length of the fabric strip, glue the ends to the clothesline. Overlap a new fabric strip and glue the ends to the rope. Continue to wrap the clothesline.

When you have about 12 inches of wrapped clothesline, wind the end of the rope into a 2-inch coil and secure with straight pins. Place the coil under your sewing machine presser foot and zigzag stitch an "X" across the center of the coil.

Continue to wrap and glue the clothesline rope. Every 2 to 3 yards coil the rope around the center circle and sew the coils together. Begin by placing the center 2-inch coil under your presser foot, aligning the last coil stitched and the next coil to be attached. The needle should be squarely in the center between the two. Stitch using your widest zigzag stitch to attach. Wrap, coil and stitch until the flat bottom of the basket is the desired size.

Form the sides of the basket by pulling new coils up and pinning. Continue to zigzag stitch between the coils to attach. Tilt the already sewn coils up to form the basket sides. Continue in this manner until your basket reaches your desired size. Cut the clothesline rope and wrap the fabric strip over the end the same way you did at the beginning of the rope.


  • This technique is also a wonderful way to make quick and easy fabric coiled coasters.