How to Make Cloth on "Virtual Villagers 4"

Virtual Villagers is a simulation game that puts you in control of small group of people with the goal of helping them survive. To make the group thrive, you will need to unlock certain puzzles, which give you new technologies. The reward for one of these puzzles is the ability to make cloth. Cloth can help you earn tech points for new skills and it opens up other technologies, such as fishing nets and tree decorations.

Drag a villager onto the fish skeleton on the beach. They will gather pieces and make cutting tools.

Drag villagers to the research lab table to earn tech points.

Purchase “Science” level 2 from the tech menu.

Place a villager on the new hut to have them build it. This is the clothing hut.

Put a villager on the vines growing on the rocky cliff to have them gather the vines.

Place salt water in the pot and heat it with a hot rock.

Drag a villager to the pot to have him add the vines.

Drop a villager on the pot to have him take the mixture to the rocks.

Continue to drop villagers on the mixture. When villagers will not allow you to drop them on the mixture anymore, you are finished and will have the cloth technology.